NetWar: Pity the Poor Little Satan

Contents Letter From Paris

Contents Letter From Paris

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Pity the Poor Little Satan

France has been thrown into a national crisis by the abduction in Iraq of two French journalists by the same terrorist band that murdered Enzo Baldoni. The “Islamic Army” said that it wants the French to revoke the law that prohibits the Islamic veil in the schools and gave the French government 48 hours to do so or else…  This evening they had the two haggard hostages again on al-Jazeera calling their fellow countrymen to go out and demonstrate against the law that their democratically elected parliament had passed.

The cat plays with the mouse before dinner.

I really believe we are looking at the opening of what is rapidly becoming a major mutation in the jihadist global strategy, a continuation of the fountainhead that were the terrorist attacks in Madrid in march. And I think they are out to prove a couple of doctrinal points to the other Muslims, the moderate ones, the lukewarm, the skeptics…

One of the main points of their rationale for the war against the Christians and the Jews is that the infidels have come to value humanity so much that they border on idolatry, one of the anathemas for Islam. They despise our humanism because they construe it as yet a certification of our raw materialism, our abolishing of God to enthrone, to worship human life. That is the real meaning of one of the most important axioms of jihadism: “They love life, we love death”, recurrent in its propaganda.

What they want to prove is that just by threatening to take two lives they can de-stabilize Little Satan France. It’s like Hitler when he started launching the V1 and V2 on England, trying to convince the Germans, the world and perhaps himself that he had the absolute weapon, the one that could win him a war that seemed already almost lost… The jihadists are telling their fellow Muslims that the Jihad can be won because de Christians and the Jews are weak and decadent… because the way we value human life for them is just a weakness and a sign of degeneration.

Sun-Tzu showed many centuries ago that wars are won by exploiting the adversary’s weakness as much as by thoughtfully putting to use one’s strengths. Now, the most important dictum of the Chinese master is “know thy enemy” and one has to convene that they seem to know us better than we know them.

I live now in France and I have been amazed by the ignorance of all but an elite of specialists regarding the jihadists, appalled at the Byzantine analysis in the mass-media. President Chirac, his government and the media are now suddenly discovering that the terrorists consider them a target… and a soft one at that! And they refuse to see reality in the eyes. They refuse to accept the role of Little Satan that the jihadist scriptwriter has reserved for them.

They go and rush and scramble to line up Muslim leaders who would say that it is wrong (at the very least for tactical reasons) for Islamic terrorists to attack France… They even got Arafat to make a distasteful speech calling his terrorist brothers in Iraq to spare the life of the French hostages. Doesn’t Mr. Chirac know what the jihadists think of Arafat? Arafat, the man who sold and probably still sells to Sharon the cement to build the wall to corral out the Palestinians!

Chirac's minister of Foreign Affairs is now in the Middle East, desperately fishing for sympathetic declarations by the sort of people Osama bin Laden brands as traitors, puppets, apostates, corrupted turncoats etc. Rumor has it that he has been given the authority to pay out a huge ransom to the terrorists in order to secure the liberation of the two journalists…

But the terrorists have just started to show their cards. They may or may not accept the money but, in any event, they want first to humiliate Little Satan France, just to see it beg and show off their power for all the 1,100 M Muslims to see.

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Location: Paris, France

I have been a journalist since I was 22. For a (long) while I worked as a reporter for the Swedish, Spanish (I was born in Spain) and American media, covering international affairs... After 1991 I recycled myself to the business press.

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